Career Pathway: Web Development

Pathway Overview

Why Web Development?

  • Flexible by role
  • High demand
  • Desirable payscale

Web development is evolving constantly and in-demand with the increase of mobile device usage, apps, and development that cannot be completed using basic templates. You will learn to make decisions independently and become a lifelong learner to stay up-to-date. Furthermore, there are opportunities to work freelance if working for an organization is not your ideal goal. In web development, specializations such as in certain computer languages may interest you as well. The pay scale is desirable along with flexible schedules and no “required” prerequisites.

Note: Programmer, software developer/engineer, and web development are used interchangeably. The title may change the level of the position i.e. Lead web developer makes the role mid-level vs. entry level.


*Note: Many employers are willing to help candidates attain certifications and/or clearance with strong soft skills. Further certifications differ based on specializations and role descriptions.

CertificationDefinition/PurposeAssociated Roles
AWSAmazon Web Services. Validates skills for architects, admins and developers.
ACEAdobe Certification ExpertFor various roles or developers.
CSMCertified Scrum MasterGeared towards roles in product development and leadership.
MTA/MCSD/MCSEMicrosoft DeveloperFor various roles or developers.
OCJPOracle Java ProgrammerFor a developer / programmer using Java.
PMI-ACPPMP Agile Certified PractitionerFor project management roles.
ZEND PHPZend Certified PHP EngineerFor a PHP developer or engineer.
LaravelLaravel CertifiedFor a PHP developer or engineer.

In-Demand Skills

*Ultimately, your ability to land a specific role will come down to your proficiency in these in-demand skills and your willingness to learn new ones.

Web Development Skills

  • Generals of AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Browser-based Technologies
  • MVC Framework: Java/Python/PHP/C#
  • Databases: SQL/NoSQL/MongoDB
  • Server-side Development: Express.js, Node.js
  • Deployment: Heroku, GitHub
  • UI/UX Design
  • Object Oriented principles
  • Debugging
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • DevOps Agile methodologies and process
  • Cloud technologies (i.e. AWS)
  • Scrum Master
  • MEAN/MERN Stack Development
  • Mobile Development

Transferable Skills

  • Adaptable / Flexible
  • Balance design and functionality
  • Collaboration
  • Data Analysis
  • Independent
  •  Motivated
  • Organized
  • Passionate
  • Problem – Solver
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Strong Oral/Written Communication

Job Descriptions

*Note: Some employers for web development encourage a bachelor’s degree and certification (4-5 year) and/or in computer science or a related field. This is a basic guide to kick-start exploration, not a complete list of all paths.


Coding Instructor 

Here you will mix your subject matter expertise with the passion to teach, enhance curriculum, and influence lives directly. As an instructor, you will facilitate coding curriculum, activities, and/or lesson plans, monitor progress, administer and collect evaluation tools and surveys, and assist with troubleshooting. Oftentimes, instructors are asked to research and recommend tools and resources as well.

Relevant Certifications: Any related to web development.

Previous Roles: Teaching Assistant, graduate of a program/bootcamp.

Future Roles: Department head, coding role, junior developer/engineer.

(Junior) Software Engineer 

Manages software operations by analyzing, problem-solving, coding, testing and creating solution-oriented debug development for optimal success. Software engineers focus on scalable production services and design to implement user-facing products. They both apply their deep understanding of technologies about engineering and design while also building and deploying applications. Tags: Software Engineer, Software Development Engineer, Software Test Engineer.

Relevant Certifications: AWS, ACE, vary based on job description.

Previous Roles: N/A or tag titles.

Future Roles: Any, Senior Engineer or Developer.

Web Developer

Whether you are Front-End, Full-Stack, or Back-End, developers are responsible for pieces of or all of the development lifecycle which may include analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance. They are strong in programming languages and writing quality and professional code.They are also knowledgeable on responsive frameworks and version control and often detail-oriented optimizing user interface and/or dive deeper into the architecture of software. Tags: Web Engineer, Front End, Full Stack, Back End, Web Programmer.

Relevant Certifications: AWS, ACE, PHP, vary based on job posting.

Previous Roles: N/A or Jr. Developer.

Future Roles: Senior/Lead Developer, Web Design, Consultant or specific to a language or app.

Multimedia Programmer

Design, code and modify multimedia from the foundation of layout through design and implementation using client specifications and best practices. These programmers possess strong interpersonal and problem solving skills. Their passion lies in creating interactive content with a clear understanding of multi-platform development in addition to web development. Tags: Multimedia Artist and Programmer, Multimedia Specialist, etc.

Relevant Certifications: ACE or related to specific Microsoft/Adobe applications/software.

Previous Roles: Developer or Computer Programmer.

Future Roles: Web Design, Senior Programmer, Digital Consultant.


Digital Consultant

Demonstrated knowledge of relational databases, software platforms and integration models. Work closely with customers and stakeholders to provide insight for technical specifications for configuration. Perform end to end testing along with data migrations, cleansing, and troubleshooting issues during deployment. Analyze and interpret data as well as develop reports and visualizations, training materials, and test scripts. Tags: Digital Solutions/Platform/Success/Strategy, Consultant, etc.

Relevant Certifications: N/A

Previous Roles: Multimedia/Programmer, Developer.

Future Roles: Director/Senior, Product Manager.

Digital Operations Manager

Develop, improve and implement best practices within their team and company. Provide insight on projects and plans related to digital operations. Responsible for back-office implementation and roll-out of new products or enhancements and maintaining risk and control assessments. Tags: Director of digital/content operations, senior manager web development.

Relevant Certifications: N/A.

Previous Roles: IT Operations, Product Manager, Consultant.

Future Roles: VP/Senior Operations, Technical Project Manager.

Senior Developer

Expert in one or more computer languages, spearheading architectural discussions, practices and implementation. Collaborate with teams such as design, product, and engineering for highest quality of design, development, maintenance and deploy practices and outcomes. Train junior developers with application framework and technical challenges. Tags: Sr. Developer, Sr. Platform Engineer, Senior Application Software Developer, Sr. Associate Software Engineer.

Relevant Certifications: AWS, PHP and/or specific to a language or application.

Previous Roles: Software Developer.

Future Roles: Senior/Technical Product Manager, role specific to a language or application.

Technical Project Manager

Strong project management to plan, coordinate, monitor and scope including requirements, schedules, budgets, resources, tasks, risks, staff, and deliverables. Essentially, track progress, resolve dependencies, evaluate risks, and communicate status to the leadership team and project stakeholders. Oversee projects from start to finish while applying advanced business process and analysis concepts as well as organizational objectives to problem-solve. Work collaboratively on cross-functional teams to optimize success. Tags: Usually associated with level of role; Senior, I, II, etc.

Relevant Certifications: AWS, CSM, PHP, PMI-ACP, PMP, CompTIA Project+, etc. 

Previous Roles: Software Developer, Test Manager, Lead.

Future Roles: Senior/Technical Product Manager, Consultant, COO, Director.

Senior Level:

Principal Developer 

Use extensive experience to collaborate with designers, product managers and stakeholders. Work with technical teams to focus on defining the roadmap from discovery/mockup to full architectural aspects of building and operating an engaging and accessible web/mobile application. The principal title also includes working on projects simultaneously, strong project management skills, and providing mentorship. Tags: Principal Software Analyst/Engineer/III.

Relevant Certifications: N/A, AWS, PHP and/or specific to a system, language or application.

Previous Roles: Jr. Developer, Principal Engineer, Software Developer.

Future Roles: Lead Developer, Development Manager, Technical Architect, Consultant.

Product Director

Deliver a product roadmap of services and applications with collaboration of development partners and resource management. This includes meeting deadlines, fiscal responsibility, and adhering to quality standards. Directors also own and develop strategic initiatives related to software and conduct managerial tasks such as staffing, mentoring and reviewing to meet company and team objectives and goals. Tags: Director of Expert Lifecycle/Software Engineering/Systems Engineering Director, VP Engineering.

Relevant Certifications: AWS, MCSE (Microsoft) or VCP (VMware), PHP, SMC or PMI-ACP.

Previous Roles: Jr. Engineer, Sr. Systems Engineer.

Future Roles: Chief Engineer, Principal Systems Engineer.

Software Architect

Guide a team to make decisions on all aspects of application and design of architecture from libraries, cache management strategies, selecting and implementing front-end technologies, and overall performance optimization. Architects believe in the value of mentorship, collaboration, teaching, and learning using Agile and Lean methodologies. They analyze for new software frameworks, advanced theories or technology enhancements, and may develop a system of documentation for cases. Tags: Software System Architect, Senior Software Architect, Application/Enterprise/Solutions Architect, Chief Architect.

Relevant Certifications: AWS, MCSE, OCJP, PHP, perhaps a project management certification.

Previous Roles: Front-End Architect, Full-Stack Developer, Junior Architect, Lead Engineer.

Future Roles: Chief/Senior/VP/ higher title, Project Management or Business Intelligence.

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