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We partner with AnitaB to increase access to technology careers for women and non-binary gender identities.

The Membership community exists to positively impact the emerging generation of women and non-binary technologists. Never has it been more important to encourage and advance the people who are actively creating a more equitable and inclusive future of technology. Be a part of the transformation of tech, become a member today!

Career Advice: Salary Negotiation with Industry Professionals

Establishing and maintaining one’s worth as a professional is not an easy task – especially when it comes to compensation. Read tips and advice we gathered from some of our trusted industry professionals.

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Career Stories: How Vesna Tertei Rudinski Used Rejection as Motivation

You have likely faced rejection at some point in your life, so why should the job search be any different? Follow the story of Vesna Tertei Rudinski as she discusses rejection, career changes, and how “no” can open unexpected doors.

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Resume Tips for Getting Noticed

Your resume is an employer’s first impression of you; here are some tips to make it great.

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