“Aspire”, Programme des femmes en technologie / Aspire, Women in Technology Program – Montreal

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Locations: Onsite – Montreal, QC

Must be Located in Montreal or willing to relocate.

Must Speak French

Wiley Edge Job Description:

We Aspire for greater diversity in tech

It’s no secret the tech industry needs more diversity. The standard entry requirements for tech graduate roles can act as a barrier, preventing people with potential from getting the start they deserve; and this is just one of several barriers preventing people who identify as a woman from breaking into the field. As a training and careers provider, we asked ourselves, what can we do to help more people who identify as a woman start careers in tech?

‘Aspire’ is a training course specifically for people who identify as a woman, taught by women. The program has been designed to encourage more people who identify as a woman to participate in technology roles and to help solve the issue of low representation in the industry.

Helping people who identify as a woman start careers in tech

Do you want a career in tech but are unsure where to start? Our ‘Aspire’ program can help unlock your future. All we require from you are clear motivations as to why you want to start a career in technology.

Imagine learning the technical skills you need to become a software developer. In a class with other people who identify as a woman who support each other to succeed. All while being paid to train. Sound too good to be true? Thanks to our ‘Aspire’ program, it’s very much a reality.

Aspire is a 12-week online course starting May 8th, 2023. Taught by a woman and designed for people who identify as a woman from all degree backgrounds. At the end of the training, we’ll work to place you into a tech role with a leading global employer via our graduate program. 

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What you’ll learn:

Starting with the basics, the course will equip you with the skills needed to become a professional Java Software Developer. By the end of the training, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain basic concepts in computer programming, including computational thinking and creating algorithms.
  • Create applications using the coding language ‘Java’ with appropriate types and variables.
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of code layout, object names, and comments to increase code readability.
  • Identify basic principles of object-oriented programming.
  • Organize code by responsibility into types and layers using the MVC pattern.
  • Explain the Agile development approach to building software.

The support you need every step of the way:

  • We’ll offer training sessions and technical webinars to set you up for success.
  • Inspirational woman speaker series: Get insights and advice from women who’ve worked in technology and the corporate world for decades. 
  • Career readiness support: Put your best foot forward by learning how to write a killer CV and ace those all-important interviews.

Get your foot in the door at a leading employer

During and after the training, you’ll have access to job opportunities via our graduate program.

We work with the biggest names in banking, technology, and insurance. We help them find driven graduates who are custom trained in the skills they need. If you’re successfully placed, you’ll begin a 12–24 month placement with the client as a Wiley Edge employee. At the end of the placement, the majority convert to full-time employees with the organization.

Helping women start careers in techInfo in FrenchInfo in English

We take great pride in celebrating the diversity of each and every individual who contributes to making Wiley Edge the company it is today and will be in the future. We value diversity both within Wiley Edge and with our partner companies, and we’re proud to provide an environment where all our colleagues can flourish. That means promoting a strong culture of equality but, most importantly, inclusion. We never want people to change – only add to the amazing mix of people that work for Wiley Edge.

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