Data Systems Analyst

The Goff Financial Group
Job LocationUS


Location: Houston, TX but open to all TX candidates as well as those willing to relocate.

The Goff Financial Group, which is a Houston-based financial company, is seeking a software developer/administrator with experience using Microsoft Access and SQL database development using Azure. Candidate must have excellent grasp of database concepts and be able to develop and upgrade existing databases and internal processes.


  • Maintain and Support existing data systems:
  • In-house developed application for managing client portfolios including implementation of trading strategies and creating files for executing trades with brokers
  • In-house developed application for creating and tracking client-facing needs such as cash withdrawals, tax related distributions, incoming cash, and setting up new accounts
  • Using Microsoft Power Automate tools to establish data interchange between systems, databases, and Microsoft data environment (Share Point, Outlook, Dynamics 365)
  • Lead and support usage of Dynamics 365 and establish necessary customizations to meet marketing and client support needs
  • Learn other desktop applications and web-based services and apps


  • Critical skills in Microsoft Access (client-side functionality) including:
  • Forms: ADO connections, form events, calls to SQL Server, form-subform relationships, and input controls
  • VBA: understanding complex subroutines, global functions, and maintaining integrity of procedures and client-side functions
  • SQL Server (Azure Cloud)
  • Understand table designs and relationships
  • Maintain and develop complex viewsAnalyze and debug (as needed) complex stored procedures and functions
  • Evaluate data import failures and debug source files
  • Azure Cloud Data Storage (blob and file server)
  • Access data storage area, download and upload files
  • Analyze data storage usage and maintain data exchange environment to meet future needs
  • Microsoft SQL Certification
  • Advanced VBA skills
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Automate

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