Early Childhood Mental Health Clinician

Time Organization
Job LocationUS
Job TagEarly Career

Location: Howard County, MD; Baltimore County, MD; Anne Arundel County, MD

The Early Childhood Mental Health Therapist is responsible for providing early childhood mental health consultation support to ECHC Education staff, children, and families. Therapist will provide a broad range of services, including early childhood mental health consultation in classrooms and through home visits; training and coaching staff; screening, assessment, therapeutic interventions; referral services; promotion and marketing of group services; and providing parent trainings. The Early Childhood Mental Health Therapist will also collect data, maintain records, and support compliance in all facets of Head Start Performance Standards and State regulations.


  • General Classroom Observations, Consultation & Coaching
  • Visit each classroom at least once per month.
  • Provide child development information related to social-­‐emotional development and mental health.
  • Provide guidance to staff on selecting, implementing, and interpreting social-­‐emotional screening and assessment tools and findings
  • Provide guidance and model developmentally appropriate activities for children and effective ways to work with and support young children.
  • Provide written and oral observations and strengths-­‐based feedback to classrooms at least 2 x times a year.
  • Provide at least 2 classroom consultations based on observations and develop and implement plans with recommendations as needed.

Staff Training

  • Support, coordinate, and provide staff trainings related to social-­‐emotional and mental health issues at least once per quarter.

Programmatic Consultation

  • Participate in weekly TIME Organization ECHC staff team meetings.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of mental health program and policy

Parent Training

  • Recruit participants for at least one parent training per year.
  • Coordinate and facilitate parent training.
  • Individualized Child-­‐ and Family-­‐Centered Observations & Consultation
  • Conduct observations and assessments of individual children as assigned or referred for consultation.
  • Meet with families to consult on child and family needs and create or follow-­‐up on plans to support these needs.

Individual Child Screening, Assessment & Referral

  • Conduct standardized developmental, behavioral, and/or social-­‐emotional screens and assessments for individual children as assigned or referred for consultation.
  • Provide child and family referral and follow-­‐up to community services.

Home Visiting

  • Conduct home visits to support the mental health needs of families and children.
  • Provide guidance and model developmentally appropriate activities for children and effective ways to work with and support young children.


  • Participate in regular supervision with TIME Clinical Director and clinical supervisor.
  • Contribute and comply to federal, state, and local reporting requirements.


  • Early Childhood Mental Health Therapist will report to clinical supervisor s, who will assign and oversee the work of the Early Childhood Mental Health Therapist.
  • Supervision meetings will occur on a weekly basis between the assigned Clinical Supervisor.
  • Performance evaluations will be conducted at 3 and 12 months post-­‐hire, and annually thereafter.
  • The Early Childhood Mental Health Therapist will also participate in TIME’s weekly team meetings.


  • A Master’s degree in social work, psychology.
  • Licensed and certified to provide therapeutic treatment in the State of Maryland.
  • Minimum (1) one year experience in a therapeutic environment.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Experience formulating and writing assessments and support plans, preferably for young children.
  • Experience with evidence-­based practices and curricula to promote early childhood mental health is desirable, e.g., Incredible Years, Parents as Teachers. Conscious Discipline, etc.
  • Build and maintain strong, collaborative relationships with service providers and families.
  • Partner with providers as a member of a diverse team.
  • Lead and facilitate provider training and/or parent education groups.
  • Conduct standardized screens and assessments, preferably for young children.
  • Use results of screens and assessments to guide work with families, set goals, and develop individualized plans.
  • Refer providers and families to appropriate community services.
  • Communicate effectively with diverse groups both verbally and in writing.
  • Organize tasks and manage time effectively.
  • Demonstrated understanding of infant and early childhood mental health.
  • Demonstrated understanding of differences in mental health services and concepts across cultures.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of child mental health services system.
  • Demonstrated experience with clinical documentation.

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