Electronics Service Technician

Advanced Energy
Job LocationFort Collins, CO
Job TagEarly Career


Advanced Energy is seeking individuals to perform testing and troubleshooting of electronic equipment to meet production schedules and performance standards. This position will receive instructions on daily work and new assignments.  Duties and tasks are standardized but what is performed will vary day to day. 


  • Performs various production assembly operations on electronic components and sub-assemblies
  • Uses test procedures, drawings, schematics and verbal/written instructions to test and troubleshoot units
  • Works on assignments that are semi-routine in nature where the ability to recognize nonconformities is required
  • Communicates openly and effectively in a professional manner
  • Understands and follows all safety requirements
  • Understands and follows all ISO practices and procedures
  • Maintains fixturing, performs calibration, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance
  • May assist with training other AE employees in established processes
  • Performs the set-up, calibration, testing and troubleshooting of circuits, components, instruments, and mechanical assemblies
  • Documents test results accurately
  • May act as the technical interface with other departments
  • Models professional and positive work ethics
  • Travel may be required
  • Considers the impact of quality on the customers when making decisions
  • Ability to effectively work in a team environment
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Ability to perform basic reading, writing, and math functions
  • Soldering skills required
  • Ability to perform basic electro/mechanical assembly skills
  • Component Identification and the ability to read technical assembly documentation   and schematics required
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Basic Knowledge of SAP


  • Previous experience in electrical circuits and assemblies testing preferred. Basic knowledge of electro-mechanical testing and circuit analysis
  • Proven ability and experience maintaining flexibility and being able to adapt in a team environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of ESD practices

Work Environment:

  • Works in a manufacturing environment which may be noisy and fast paced
  • Many tasks are repetitive in motion and include the use of electronic assembly equipment
  • Overtime (OT) may be required in times of increased production


  • AAS degree in electronics or equivalent and completion of the AE technician test

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