Entry Level Crypto Talent

Fidelity Investments
Job LocationUS
Job TagEarly Career


Durham, NC | Boston, MA | West Lake, TX


Thank you for expressing your interest in a career at Fidelity Investments.

We’ve been innovating in the blockchain and crypto space since 2014. We believe the digital economy is the future of finance – and we’re developing a robust digital asset ecosystem to meet the demand. Our history of investment and fintech innovation made us the first traditional asset manager to launch a native crypto business – and we’re looking for the crypto-curious and crypto-savvy to help build the next generation of solutions!

At Fidelity, you’ll be able to start or elevate your crypto career. You’ll be part of a cutting-edge global organization leading the industry in developing tech-driven solutions that help investors achieve their goals. One of our key missions is to nurture and reward talented professionals, leaders, and ambitious creative thinkers in the fast-growing cryptocurrency space.


  • You MUST be actively enrolled or a recent graduate of a 4 year degree program
  • You MUST be willing to commute to the office locations listed once a month for a week.

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