Entry Level Software Engineer

Job LocationUS
Job TagEarly Career

*Must be willing to relocate


Are you looking to join an elite team of Software Engineers, trained by the best, creating the products and services that transform our world for the better?

The path to a successful technology career can be confusing and unclear. You bring the talent and the motivation, and Smoothstack will provide the training, mentorship, network, and access to extremely desirable roles to launch your career!

Once selected and hired as a W-2 employee of Smoothstack, you will receive 12-14 weeks of paid, remote training in an Agile environment, complete with scrum masters, product owners, code reviewers, and more. Trainees will be paid a biweekly stipend (plus benefits) to train and will start at $60,000+/year while working on client projects.

Successful Applicants Must:

  • Pass a Coding Challenge
  • Be legally authorized to work in the U.S., without employer sponsorship


  • Must have hands-on coding experience, equivalent training or course work.
  • No prior professional experience required.
  • Excitement, eagerness, and ability to learn new technologies quickly.

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