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Location: Washington, CT

The Frederick Gunn School, founded in 1850, is a co-ed boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12 as well as a post-graduate year. Mr. Gunn had a deep appreciation for the natural world, believing that in nature students understand themselves as humans and their place in the
world. He took a principled stand against slavery and spurred students (and the town at large) to examine their beliefs. In addition to the habits and skills students will need in college and life beyond, we teach them to follow Mr. Gunn’s example: to cultivate wisdom, to be trailblazers, to act with conviction, and to value character as highly as intellect and achievement. Our continuous focus on moral character development intentionally engages all members of our
school in the work of creating an inclusive and equitable living and learning ecosystem. Community and citizenship are at the heart of our aspiration to both social justice and academic excellence, with
individual diversity integral to the strength of that community. When we embrace difference and pursue school life with respect, equity, and compassion, we build a foundation for engaged citizens. In keeping with the tenets of our founder Frederick Gunn, who was himself a prominent abolitionist and progressive educator, The Frederick Gunn School seeks to provide a pluralistic learning environment for all inclusive of (but not limited to): culture, ethnicity, gender identity or expression,
national origin, learning differences, physical difference, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic differences. We invite applicants who resonate with our mission and who will foster an environment of cultural and intellectual richness and an active participant in advancing equity and inclusion.

The Frederick Gunn School is seeking candidates for a full-time Environmental Science Teacher position. Applicants must enjoy working with high school students of all ages, both in and outside the
classroom, must understand and embrace the values of a boarding school community, and must bring passion and energy to the classroom. Further, they should have a devoted interest in the study of science and using the various disciplines of science as vehicles to increase the scientific literacy of their students and of the community as a whole. Regardless of which courses they teach, at The Frederick Gunn School, all science teachers share commonality in the skills we seek to instill and
strengthen in our students through laboratory work, activities, observations, and content. Candidates should also prioritize student safety in the lab and be prepared to manage frequent lab activities in a
way that advances the students’ ability to engage in a scientific process. Lastly, the Science Department works closely with the IDEAS program and evolving this collaboration is a departmental priority. This position also serves as a coach, a dorm parent, and an adviser to a group of students.


The general responsibilities of a full-time Environmental Science Teacher at The Frederick Gunn School include:
● Engage students enthusiastically in the science being taught. Aim to encourage, inspire, increase literacy and appreciation of science topics and analytical skills. Manage a classroom that facilitates student learning.
● Teach up to four courses with primary responsibility being in Environmental Studies as well as the AP Environmental Science sections. Ability/willingness to teach in other science disciplines is preferred.
● Consider ways in which topics or projects in Environmental Studies might be displayed in the building to raise awareness of concepts and issues.
● Assist in managing the organization of the lab spaces and equipment utilized by the teacher in cooperation with the other teachers assigned to that space.
● Prepare course materials such as syllabi, quizzes, tests, and handouts.
● Provide guidance to students, including extra help and review sessions, that promotes their educational development and personal growth.
● Assess the progress of students on a regular basis and provide written reports as required.
● Work with the other science faculty as a team seeking ways to reflect on our program and various ways in which scientific literacy may be enhanced through our various courses, clubs, and other aspects of community life.
● Cooperate with and participate in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the science program at The Frederick Gunn School.
● Strive to remain up to date with current science news/events and seeks to guide students in being savvy consumers of science news.
● Use various pedagogical approaches in the classroom.
● Communicate effectively with both students and adults.

As members of a boarding school community, FGS faculty members are actively involved in all aspects of campus life, as teachers, coaches, dorm parents, mentors, and extra-curricular advisors. What this means for students is important – faculty members are accessible, we take learning
seriously and support student explorations of many paths. It takes a community of individuals dedicated to becoming their best selves to chart the way. In 1870, founder Frederick Gunn wrote, “There is an unconscious influence, a mysterious, silent emanation going out from the personality of every teacher which is one of the strong forces of nature. Silent as the force of gravity, more powerful than the will of man, this influence works like the unnoticed electricity of the atmosphere, and makes it certain that every teacher will actually teach that which he is.” Joining our faculty means joining a rich history and an embedded philosophy that we all serve as positive influences on the lives of our students.