Front End Developer – React

Job LocationUK
Job TagComputer Science


Front end development has changed considerably over the last 5 years, with the introduction of JS frameworks it has meant that many parts of a modern Web Application have moved to the client browser. The growth of mobile device usage has also meant that performant, responsive design is a given these days and so a ‘mobile-first’ mindset is imperative.

Your role of front end developer will vary from the creation of simple static HTML pages/email right through to the architecture of complex Single Page Applications (SPAs).


  • Working with React
  • Working within the next.js framework to build frontend applications
  • Creating semantic HTML Markup
  • Efficient SASS styling/theming to bring designs to life
  • Creation and evolution of delightful UI/UX experiences
  • Writing modular, configurable, reusable, DRY Javascript
  • Integrating JS libs such as Google Maps, Algolia Search, Charts JS and more…
  • Breaking UI down into suitably sized and reusable components
  • Networking with public and private REST APIs
  • Working with popular web sharing services and meta tags, Twitter/Facebook etc.
  • Creation of SEO/Microdata markup
  • Implementing tracking/analysing user behaviour
  • Creation and maintenance of build systems to help administer the above (Gulp/Grunt/Webpack)
  • General page perf and weight optimisation, size/load/requests etc.
  • Estimating and project planning around all of the above


  • Experience working with React and have built several applications
  • Experience creating responsive, heavily designed web sites and applications from the ground up
  • Experience in producing delightful, fast and smooth animations and little UX touches
  • Able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the git version control system from time within at least a mid sized team (branching/pull requests etc)
  • Experience working collaboratively with Strategists and Designers to hone your output to a high standard
  • You will have previously learnt to balance client expectations against technical requirements

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