Frontend Engineer (Midweight)

Job LocationUK
Job TagFront End Developer


Are you our next Frontend Engineer (Midweight)? This role exists to create quality, scalable digital solutions for Gymshark and its customers, with a focus on the design and development of client-facing applications.


  • Proactively brings formed decisions to senior team members to reinforce ideas and ensure they’re on track.
  • Works collaboratively with Engineering colleagues and Leads to meet sprint goals, and ensure sprints are successful.
  • Collaborates with Product Owners to ensure that expectations are managed, delivering as required within the specified timelines.
  • Collaborates with Frontend peers and other teams as necessary to understand and work towards outcomes.
  • Assists POs/BAs in refining stories to ensure that they meet the team’s Definition of Ready.
  • Presents on the work delivered within an iteration to key stakeholders, clearly demoing the business value in language that non-technical stakeholders can understand.
  • Consistently looks to adapt and improve their individual performance whilst contributing to the continuous improvement of the team (including quality, process, teamwork, but not limited to these things) through all appropriate channels.
  • Using 10% time to increase knowledge and capability of industry-relevant technologies and practices.
  • Documenting solutions and projects to an appropriate level including; technical diagrams, associated links and technical notes.
  • Appreciable awareness of the Web Platform, and how we can best use the tools and interfaces it provides.
  • An understanding of common Software Design Patterns, and how we can employ them.
  • A current knowledge of fundamental web technologies, including but not limited to; HTML, CSS, JavaScript (exposure to React and Next.js ideal).


  • Hands-on delivery of Software solutions according to the sprint backlog, working closely cross-function with design and QA teams to achieve sprint goals.
  • Comfortable integrating and maintaining native codebases with third-party software (e.g. Shopify).
  • Implementing solutions that deliver genuine value to their users.
  • Performing a suitable degree of testing against a given solution before delivery.
  • Supporting the QA team members in their creation and performance of robust test plans.
  • Able to create, review and understand software architectural diagrams and identify areas of improvement and / or dependencies to current project work.
  • Comfortable creating all technical documentation related to your work.

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