Graduate Data Scientist

SHIFT Technology
Job LocationUK
Job TagData Analytics


The Data Science team works on a broad range of subjects.  We actively participate in the definition and development of our suite of products on fraud detection, anti-money laundering and claim automation.  We have a lot of technical and professional experience in data science, data engineering, coding, business understanding and client interactions. Additionally, we also work on various data types such as structured data, free text, documents and images.


  • You will actively participate in the development of our suite of products: fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and claim automation; and working on various data types such as structured data, free text, documents and images. 
  • Implementation of the data engineering, usually from client extracts to the insertion of the data in our data stores (SQL, ElasticSearch)
  • Developing, testing, tuning models and putting them in production for tasks such as fraud detection and automation detection in complex environments.
  • Automate key business tasks by implementing them in our production process framework in C#
  • Conduct meetings with clients and interact with external stakeholders, whether it is for direct user feedback, presenting business cases or defining the roadmap of evolutions 


  • Code-savvy, either by having a degree in computer science and/or having developed some apps with actual users- writing scripts for models and notebooks is not enough at Shift, we thrive on people who can write maintainable, production-quality code that will run everyday without breaking.
  • AI-savvy, either by having a degree in machine learning and/or statistics. Having a clear understanding of statistics and machine learning problems, tasks and common resolutions is important to communicate internally and explain to the client how the product is working.
  • Client facing. You will need to be comfortable and open to communicating to our clients on a regular basis  
  • Business smart. We don’t expect candidates to know the insurance sector, but we want applicants who are interested in learning and mastering the business aspects of our products
  • Business fluent in English. We are an international company with offices in many countries and 40+ nationalities, the Shift working language is English.
  • Additional languages a Plus

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