Location: Frisco, TX; Cary, NC;

This is a paid apprenticeship and all expenses paid college tuition upon completion of the apprenticeship!


  • Earned a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent (STEM track or technical coursework is highly preferred).


  • Earned an associate degree in any discipline, (this is not a requirement, but graduates are encouraged to apply).


  • Have not completed a bachelor’s degree in STEM or master’s degree in any discipline.


  • All participants must also have a 3.0 cumulative high school GPA. If candidates cannot meet the 3.0 high school GPA requirement and have completed a higher education credential (college certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree), a cumulative higher education GPA of 3.0 or higher is acceptable. Candidates must be authorized to work as either U.S. citizens or as Green Card holders permanently residing in the U.S.

HCLTech apprentices learn in-demand skills and get hired for range of roles:

Software Apprentice

  • Software QA Analyst
  • Test Analyst
  • Support Analyst
  • Remote Systems Analyst (RSA)
  • SAP Functional Tester
  • Junior Test/Verification Engineer

Digital Foundation Services Apprentice

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Service
  • Cloud Virtualization & Access
  • Network Monitoring & Services
  • Security Management
  • Endpoint Security


HCL Technologies brings digital and engineering innovation to the Fortune 500 and many other companies. A $11-billion global technology leader, we’ve had an active presence in the United States for nearly three decades. Not only do we bring best-in-class IT services, we embrace local talent to join our team. Now with government support and partnerships with national and local universities, the HCL Apprenticeship Program makes technology careers possible for many more young professionals.

Employee-centric culture
With long-term career opportunities, we invest in your future and cultivate our next generation of leaders.

Diverse, inclusive environment
Our inclusive environment taps a cross-section of society for change agents to lead us into a brighter future.

Socially responsible leadership
We serve these priorities: responsible business, redefine workplace, renew ecosystem and repay society.

Global exposure
Engage with a network of R&D and co-innovation labs, delivery facilities, and 208,000+ ‘Ideapreneurs’ in 52 countries.

Technology innovation
A culture of invention, smart risks, and relentless customer focus have fueled four decades of HCL innovation.

Comprehensive benefits
We support and protect our global team with competitive benefits for healthcare, education, and other needs.

Careers Start Where School Ends
The HCL Apprenticeship Program creates new career pathways for aspiring tech professionals. If you’re a motivated learner, this unique opportunity is your door to a full-time tech job.

During our paid apprenticeship program, you’ll advance your knowledge through comprehensive technical instruction, hands-on training, mentorship, and wraparound support. Upon completing the program, you’ll become a regular HCL employee, but it doesn’t stop there. With our 100% tuition assistance, you can leverage our nationwide academic partner network and earn your college degree without the burden of education debt.

Technology Apprenticeship Program Benefits:

Launch Your Career in Tech
An apprenticeship is the start of a rewarding IT career.

Gain practical experience
Gain skills and knowledge through facilitated learning and hands-on experience with real customers.

Earn your degree with no student debt
Upon completion of your apprenticeship, earn an Associates or Bachelor’s degree with zero debt.

Get a job that comes with college tuition
This program represents our commitment to training the next generation of technology talent. Use this opportunity as a gateway to a career in technology and the chance to join one of the world’s leading IT employers.

Program Highlights:

  • The typical apprenticeship program runs about 12-15 months but depends on job complexity and type of program.
  • After the apprenticeship, you’re on your way to a solid career in IT.
  • Compensation & Benefits from Day 1
  • Receive a paycheck from the very start
  • Comprehensive benefits package from Day 1
  • Wage increase after 6 months
  • At the completion of your apprenticeship program, you convert to a regular employee at a higher salary


  • Complete Registration (link is in the form “Apply Now”)
  • Complete Assessment Challenge
  • Video Interview
  • Offer/Acceptance
  • Onboarding and Orientation

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