Junior Consultant in Data Science

Job LocationUK
Job TagData Analytics


This role is perfect for recent graduates with previous internships under their belt or people early on in their career journey. You’ll need to have some prior experience in data science, analytics and modelling in a business or academic setting, but you don’t need to be a pro!


  • 1.   Data Analysis and Model Construction
  • ·       Utilise advanced statistical techniques and best data practices to help the team progress through project work;
  • ·     Develop a logical story combining data and industry knowledge to share actionable insights that will drive our clients’ businesses.
  • 2.  Strategic Partnerships with Clients
  • ·       Liaise daily with clients to develop a deep understanding of their business context and experience;
  • ·       Work with your team to deliver findings and battle plans with excellence and confidence;
  • ·       Provide ad-hoc analyses that further develop projects and client relationships by parameterising the business questions.
  • 3.  Ekimetrics Life
  • ·       Helping support our team and business growth by contributing to local and global initiatives, such as Thought Leadership, Knowledge Management, Recruitment, Culture, and Diversity teams, and building Data Engineering/Architecture capabilities in the office.
  • ·       Adopting and living by Ekimetrics’ values: Curiosity, Creativity, Excellence, Transmission and Pleasure.


  • We are looking for someone who can wear 2 hats – the data scientist and the strategic consultant – and so you’ll need to show both strong analytics skills and a strong interest in marketing & business strategy.
  • Ideally, you’ll have:
  • ·       A Statistics, Economics, or degree in a similar analytical field
  • ·       An Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or related degree.
  • You’ll also need:
  • ·       A love of data and familiarity with modelling and optimisation techniques;
  • ·       Knowledge and experience with Excel. Familiarity with software such as R, Stata, or Python is even better (we use python internally)
  • ·       The capacity to develop high-impact thought leadership that articulates a forward-thinking view of the market
  • ·       Experience in using or showing the aptitude to use advanced analytical methodologies to answer business questions.
  • ·       Interest in marketing and customer analytics
  • Transversal Skills
  • People are at the centre of who we are at Ekimetrics, so as well as excellent technical skills, it’s important that you also have the following:
  • ·       Excellent communication skills – especially translating complex technical findings into insights and stories for stakeholders (internal and external);
  • ·       Interest in marketing and business issues;
  • ·       An ability to work autonomously and be self-motivated;
  • ·       A team-oriented and collaborative working style;
  • ·       A passion for joining a small team and a desire to help the business, and themselves, grow quickly.

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