Junior Data Scientist (Commercial)

Salary Finance
Job LocationUK
Job TagData Analytics


We are looking for an exceptional Junior Data Scientist. Reporting to the Data Science Manager, you will help us transform our multiple rich data sources into meaningful data-driven insights across the business and drive better value maximising decisions.


  • Assist the team in their move towards more data-driven, ML supported ways of working
  • Build automated dashboards and data pipelines, help the team self-serve and promote best practices around data usage
  • Analyse commercial data, identify trends and opportunities to help with decision making
  • Understand the impact of current/past campaigns and build models to optimise new ones (maximising response rate, minimising costs, etc.)
  • Design and deploy AB tests to monitor the performance of different strategies
  • Model the risk and potential of employers we partner with, as well as prospective partners – get involved with pricing our product accordingly
  • Build forecasting models to better estimate future volumes, revenue, etc.


  • Degree in STEM field, with a Masters in Data Science or similar field
  • 1+ years of experience in a data-related role (data analyst, data scientist or similar)
  • Good knowledge of Python (for modelling, analysis and automation)
  • Good knowledge of SQL (for querying and manipulating data)
  • Familiarity with the key ML algorithms and libraries
  • Ability to present complex data, concepts and ideas in a non-technical way to different stakeholders

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