Junior Developer

Job LocationUK
Job TagEarly Career


We are looking to hire a bright and passionate Junior Developer to be a part of our Engineering team, spanning the UK and Denmark. As a Full Stack Developer at Forecast, you’ll be right upfront and centre in helping develop our platform, collaborating with our machine learning team to build the best and brightest solution for professional services teams. You’ll use your experience and smarts to learn quickly and grow your career, and in doing so contribute to the growth of our organisation. Your opinion matters.

Tech-wise, we’re cloud-native and running on AWS – we use TypeScript, Java, NodeJS, GraphQL, ReactJS, Aurora (MySQL on Amazon), DynamoDB (NoSQL), and AWS Lambda (Serverless).


  • Work collaboratively with a product team (Product Manager, UX, UI & Engineering), taking end-to-end responsibility for key aspects of the Forecast application, all the way from responsive UI, to services, to databases, and automated testing
  • Take ownership from conception to post deployment in an environment where you’ll likely be shipping code during your first week – we prioritize execution!
  • Grab the opportunity to learn fast and grow quickly!


  • Minimum 1 year proven experience in successfully working with end-to-end development
  • Experience with some of the following (along with the desire and ability to learn quickly to fill in the gaps!): Java, JavaScript/Node.js, GraphQL, React, SQL, AWS and TypeScript
  • An interest in the possible applications of Machine Learning and how that can integrate into your work
  • Passion about the work you ship, with a sense of pride & ownership over what you’re putting out into the world
  • Great collaboration skills – you’ll be working in a tight-knit product team where teamwork and sharing of best practices is a must

What Kind of Coding Community Should I Join?

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