Junior Full Stack Engineer

Job LocationUK
Job TagEarly Career



As a Junior Full Stack Engineer, you’ll be building and maintaining robust GraphQL APIs, complex React interfaces, and providing clients with multiple data-rich views into operational risk management.


  • Work collaboratively within the DPA squad, which includes a Product Owner, Data Engineer, and Architect/DevOps.
  • Assist and collaborate with our team in managing an exciting component of our system: Data Matching and Publishing. This section of the code has posed challenges in the past due to its complexity, impacting the work of DataOps during their business-as-usual (BAU) operations, which can create high-pressure situations.
  • Be responsible for refactoring and optimising key areas of the codebase, making improvements as needed within given timescales and capacity constraints.
  • Work alongside our team to develop new serverless Functions – GraphQL functions which will be the interface to the data layer.
  • Demonstrate a proven self-starter attitude, taking the initiative to drive tasks and responsibilities forward.
  • Our tech stack is one of the best around. You’ll be using Node.js, TypeScript, GraphQL (with Apollo Federation), React, Azure Serverless and, of course, Git.


  • 1-2 years’ experience with React, Node and Typescript.
  • Prior work experience or exposure to working with GraphQL.
  • Familiarity with writing effective unit tests, and understanding of the value of testing and how it contributes to robust and reliable codebase.
  • Some experience using SQL (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or similar).
  • A motivation to continuously work towards a higher standard of code.
  • Effective communication skills, allowing you to contribute to discussions and convey ideas in an accessible manner.

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