Junior Full-Stack Engineer (Embedded Focus)

Manhole Metrics
Job LocationUK
Job TagEarly Career


ManholeMetrics is looking for a talented engineering superstar who can fulfil the role of a Junior Full-Stack Engineer with a primary focus on Embedded Systems. We want someone who can design and build robust, reliable and efficient low-level systems for IoT enabled devices while also significantly contributing to our backend infrastructure. You might have just graduated university with relevant internships and are looking for your first role or have 1-2 years of experience. Please do not apply if you have no prior industry experience with embedded systems. To apply please complete the form at the bottom of the page.


  • You will be working closely with fellow team members to plan, produce, test and deploy new embedded features, design and implement memory and power efficient solutions, and offer engineering support for our product and backend infrastructure as we scale across the UK and further afield
  • You will have the opportunity to improve the efficiency and reliability of our deployed sensors and embedded system while also implementing new features, algorithms, and functionality in limited resource device contexts
  • You will be at the forefront of seeing the real-world impact of your work as you improve the performance of our sensors, and streamline the suite of tools we build to solve the problem of flooding
  • Your day to day might include flashing and/or debugging firmware on microcontrollers and LTE modems, optimising embedded software for memory and power usage, programmatically automating hardware features, and improving the data capture, processing, and transmission workflows
  • You will balance speed, consistency and quality, while focusing on producing tangible results
  • You will work shoulder to shoulder with the CTO and engineering team to help us scale fast in a robust manner


  • A proven track record of successful code deployment in industry and be well-versed in industry best practices
  • Proven experience and knowledge of Python (Micropython, FastAPI), and C/C++
  • Knowledge of communication protocols such as NB-IOT, SPI, I2C, UART, etc.
  • Ability to optimise resource constrained, low power systems and devices
  • A top University Graduate with a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering or equivalent
  • Have full-stack experience, with the ability to identify problems and opportunities on all layers of the coding stack + take initiative to solve them
  • You are excited by the prospect of learning new languages, frameworks and tools
  • An embedded superstar who is an expert at working with low level systems and memory/power management
  • You enjoy a multi-faceted exposure to workstreams in the domain of IoT, sensor technology, embedded systems, microcontrollers, PCB design, hardware, firmware, software
  • You have excellent communication abilities whereby you can easily synthesise client requirements into well engineered solutions and vice versa where you can describe complex engineering concepts to non-technical stakeholders effectively
  • You enjoy collaborating with a small team with diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Tackling the impact of climate change with technical solutions resonates with you

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