Junior Full-Stack Engineer (Front-End Focus)

Manhole Metrics
Job LocationUK
Job TagEarly Career


ManholeMetrics is looking for a talented engineering superstar who can fulfil the role of a Junior Full-stack Engineer with a primary front-end focus. We want someone who can spin up fast frontend solutions while also helping build backend features and enhancements to our product and software. You might have just graduated university with relevant internships and are looking for your first role or have 1-2 years of experience.


  • – You will be working closely with fellow team members to plan, produce, test and deploy new frontend features for our client facing dashboard and offer engineering support for our product and backend infrastructure as we scale across the UK and further afield
  • – You will have the opportunity to improve the design of our frontend and implement new features and functionality, allowing clients to better visualise and manage their sensor fleets, flood warnings as well as predictive alerts, allowing them to take a proactive approach to flood management
  • – You will balance speed and quality, with a focus on tangible results
  • – You will work shoulder to shoulder with the CTO and engineering team to help us scale fast in a robust manner


  • Whilst the below are the set of ideal skills a candidate will have, if you lack a few, please don’t let this hold you back from applying, as you may bring additional skills to the table that can more than compensate for this
  • – A proven track record of successful code deployment in industry (via part/full-time work and/or internships), and be well-versed in industry best practices
  • – Knowledge of React, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Python, C
  • – An exemplary frontend portfolio or personal projects to showcase your skills
  • – A top University Graduate with a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, UI/UX design or equivalent
  • – Full-stack experience, with the ability to identify problems and opportunities on all layers of the coding stack + take initiative to solve them
  • – You are excited by the prospect of learning new languages, frameworks and tools
  • – You employ design-thinking, are solution-oriented and have a knack for good UI/UX, design principles, and attention to detail
  • – You enjoy a multi-faceted exposure to workstreams in the domain of IoT, sensor technology, embedded systems, PCB design, hardware, firmware, software, analytics
  • – You have excellent communication abilities whereby you can easily synthesise client requirements into well engineered solutions and vice versa where you can describe complex engineering concepts to non-technical stakeholders effectively
  • – You enjoy collaborating with a small team with diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • – Tackling the impact of climate change with technical solutions resonates with you
  • – You must be London-based and have the right to work in the UK (please note we can sponsor a skilled worker visa if required)

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