Junior Software Engineer

Job LocationUK
Job TagComputer Science


  • Are early in your software career and want to join an environment that gives you the chance to grow quickly
  • Have demonstrated technical promise so far in your studies or work
  • Want to work on difficult technical challenges in a field that will define the biggest scientific advancement this century
  • You care about being part of a team that values supporting each other as much as producing quality work


  • Contribute to saving 1000s of hours of work by automating one of the most tedious manual processes in biology, collaborating with other biotechs that are at the cutting edge of the field
  • Choose what projects you want to work on- teaming up in small groups with biologists and mechanical engineers alongside our software team to solve core problems
  • Upskill across the board, from high quality code mentorship to even donning a lab coat and be trained on the nuances of stem cells, the basics of fluid mechanics and even culturing human cells on your own
  • Write code that you can immediately see the impact- testing on our prototype in our own lab
  • Be trusted to get the work done with flexible working hours


  • Frontend (Netlify): React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Storybook, MaterialUI
  • Backend (AWS & Heroku): NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, MongoDB
  • Physical Device (on-premise): NodeJS, Typescript, FastAPI, Python, MQTT
  • Firmware: C++, GTest, GMock, Bazel, Platformio

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