Licensed Behavioral Health Specialist

Job LocationUS
Job TagEarly Career


Location: New York, NY

Reports to: Program Director, Mobile Outreach/Crisis Team


  • Work as part of two-person Mobile Outreach/Crisis Team (MOT) providing primarily in- person services to individuals, families, and groups in their community settings to 1) promote linkage to and engagement/re- engagement in ongoing outpatient mental health treatment and integrated rehabilitative services and 2) crisis counseling and intervention for clients experiencing acute crisis
  • Partner with Senior Peer Specialist in MOT contacts to provide emotional support, individual and group crisis counseling, public education, and referrals when needed
  • Use rapid risk assessment to effectively respond to clients to reduce risk factors for suicide/self-harming behaviors, substance abuse, public disturbance, ER visits, medical and psychiatric hospitalization, arrest/recidivism, and incarceration
  • Screen and assess clients for the treatment of CODs
  • Provide individual counseling that includes principles of Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment, as appropriate
  • Provide direct coaching, education and advocacy in linking and engaging clients to get services through referrals in the community, including at CASES’ Nathaniel Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic
  • Advocate for clients within the criminal legal, public health, benefits, and shelter systems
  • Assist clients in securing medical care, entitlements, and other community supports that promote integrated physical and mental health, safety, wellbeing, and recovery
  • Partner and work closely with Senior Peer Specialist as co-member of MOT
  • Complete progress notes and assessments in the electronic health record
  • Complete trainings including in cultural competence, trauma-informed care, integrated dual disorder treatment, motivational interviewing, nonviolent crisis intervention, integrating peer staff, vicarious trauma, and grief
  • Work with external stakeholders-including hospitals, shelters, jails, probation and parole officers, primary care providers, etc.-to achieve positive client outcomes


  • New York Stated licensed LCSW/LMSW/LMHC
  • At least two years of experience working focus population
  • Previous use of an electronic health record, Carelogic preferred
  • Experience in a multidisciplinary setting and field-based clinical work preferred
  • Fluency in Spanish a plus
  • Strong commitment to social justice and the CASES mission
  • Individuals with lived experience are encouraged to apply

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