Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT) Project Coordinator

Association for Mental Health and Wellness
Job TagEarly Career


The Association for Mental Health & Wellness’ Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT) Project Coordinator role includes a vast range of responsibilities and tasks that involves implementing evidence-based mental health awareness training, specifically Mental Health First Aid. The MHAT Project Coordinator is the key staff for the MHAT Project over the five year SAMHSA grant funded program.  The MHAT Project Coordinator is responsible for training, overseeing and monitoring the implementation of all grant activates.


  1. Implement the Training Plan and respond to all terms and conditions identified by SAMHSA.
  2. Conduct project evaluation/performance assessment, data collection and reporting.
  3. Develop collaborative partnerships with relevant community agencies and program.
  4. Act in a manner that exemplifies professional leadership with positive morale, role modeling, and judgment in the promotion of an empowering, person-centered program culture.

Specific Tasks:

  1. Implement MHAT Training Plan
  2. Identify the intended individuals to receive mental health awareness training and the population of focus
  3. Develop and implement the mental health awareness plan and ensure that the target metrics data is achieved
  • Lead presenter at majority (if not all) of MHAT scheduled trainings.
  1. Direct all training activities and communications as well as supervising and scheduling co-facilitators for training.
  2. Conduct project evaluation/performance assessment, data collection and reporting in collaboration with identified evaluation consultant.
  3. Providing SAMHSA with all required performance data.
  4. Submitting all required forms, data, and reports in a timely fashion. Collection and reporting of GPRA data as identified by SAMHSA
  • Quality Assurance; collect and report data to the SAMHSA’s Performance Accountability and Reporting System (SPARS); and collect and report on all other performance measures.
  1. Establish an appropriate referral infrastructure to be used by the instructors and individuals trained.
  2. Development of a tracking system to document the number of individuals referred to mental health services.
  3. Outreach and Engagement: Develop collaborative partnerships with community agencies and programs within the geographic catchment area that interact with the population of focus and are able to assist with responding to mental health issues and improve coordination of services.
  4. The development of an interagency advisory teams to support the MHAT Project Coordinator with management of the project.
  5. Complying with all terms and conditions of the grant, including all activities described in the approved grant proposal and fulfillment of all requirements of the Funding Opportunity Announcements.
  6. Collaborating with SAMHSA staff in all aspects of the MHAT grant.
  7. Serve as the main point of contact for all partners, the Government Project Officer (GPO) and the Grants Management Specialist (GMS).
  8. Demonstrate continual progress towards achieving project goals.
  9. Compliance with all regulatory and programmatic requirements.
  10. Participation in all grantee in-person and virtual meetings.
  11. Collaboration with any federally-funded resources.
  12. Conduct meetings with the project partners on a regular basis.


  • Mental Health First Aid Training Certification, preferred
  • Previous training experience
  • Previous experience with federal grants, a plus
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services

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