Long Beach Birth Center
Job LocationUS
Job TagEarly Career

Location: Long Beach, CA

Job Description

The Long Beach Birth Center is currently seeking Midwives, LM’s and CNM’s, who are eager to assist low risk women in achieving a safe, physiologic birth in an accredited freestanding birth center.

Midwives share practice duties that include office hours as well as shared on-call schedules. They are supported by birth assistants and an excellent administrative staff.

Benefits of a Midwife position with us:

  • Natural Unmedicated Deliveries
  • Water Birth
  • Continuity of Care
  • Low Volume Birth per Month
  • Working alongside CNM’s, CM’s, CPM’s

Qualifications and Skills

  • Certified Midwife Licensure in CA
  • Current BLS and NRP Certifications
  • Proficient computer skills and EHR
  • Electronic Medical/Health Record (EMR) experience essential
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Spanish proficiency preferred but not required

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Our ideal Midwife will administer prenatal care, labor and delivery care, postpartum care and newborn care that are appropriate to community birth settings .
  • Provide direct care for women in labor, including management of normal delivery in the home or at the birth center when applicable.
  • Offer education, health counseling, and health advocacy services to clients, families and significant other.
  • Maintain all client records including charts, lab records, and weekly chart review.
  • Order appropriate lab tests and referrals, interpret test results and follow-up of abnormal lab reports .
  • Adhere to Health and Safety Policies and Procedures; participate in all safety programs, which may include assignment to an emergency response team
  • Performs all necessary client consultations
  • Focus on providing high-quality, evidence-based care for women and families.
  • Have a vision for community projects, while being self-directed, comfortable with independent practice, and the ability to guide Birth Center team members toward optimal service outcomes.
  • Be open to and have a basic knowledge of alternative and holistic modalities of care.
  • Attend staff meetings, training and education sessions as required or directed by Long Beach Birth Center.

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