Production Support Analyst/SRE – USA

Wiley Edge
Job LocationUS
Job TagData Analytics

Locations: United States- Wiley Edge is looking for candidates who are flexible to working onsite in multiple locations across the United States.

Salary: $48,000 – $63,000 USD

Want to work in technology at an investment bank?

Paid graduate training, ongoing support, opportunities at leading global employers – the Alumni graduate program with Wiley Edge gives you everything you need. (And don’t worry, there’s no training bond. No exit fees, no hidden catches).

Wiley Edge, pairs great graduates with brilliant global businesses. Wiley Edge clients include tier one investment banks and other organizations across a range of industries, from insurance to healthcare to travel.

What you’ll do:

Production support plays a vital role in enterprise technology, from algorithmic trading engines to regulatory reporting.

Think of it as healthcare for technology. As a production support analyst with Wiley Edge, you’ll be on a shared mission to look after the technical systems and processes other teams rely on.

How the Alumni program works:

1. Apply via this job advert.

2. Complete Wiley Edge assessment process.

3. Get trained at Wiley Edge Academy in an online class for 4-8 weeks with other graduates.

4. Join a Wiley Edge client for 12-24 months while receiving support and salary increases every 6 months.

5. The vast majority then convert to permanent employees with the client at the end of the program.

What you’ll learn at the Wiley Edge Academy:

· How to discuss production support activity at a high level including ITIL (information technology infrastructure library), monitoring, DevOps, SRE (site reliability engineering), and disaster recovery.

· How to discuss common financial topics, including financial markets, equity trading, derivatives, currency, treasury, regulation, and risk.

· How to write a basic computer program in Python, including user input, common data structures, and flow of control.

· How to use MySQL to perform CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations on a relational database stored in a MySQL Server.

What you’ll need:

· Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related STEM subject (science, technology, engineering, math).

· A GPA of 3.0 or higher. We look for potential, not prestige, but it’s important that you enjoy pushing yourself to pick up new ideas.

· Ability to troubleshoot, taking an analytical approach to solve problems.

· Excellent spoken and written English communication skills.

· The right to work without needing visa sponsorship.

· A requirement for this role may be to attest and provide proof of vaccination for Covid 19 upon hire.

What you’ll get:

· Fully paid, in-depth, interactive training in small classes with graduates like you. Wiley Edge training is created and delivered by industry experts who know your field inside out.

· A generous graduate salary.

· Pay rises every 6 months to reflect your progress.

· A flexible benefits package including gym membership.

· Ongoing training and support.

· Valuable industry experience. Ultimately, a foot in the door to build your career in an in-demand niche.

How to apply:

1. Hit ‘Apply Now’ to tell Wiley Edge a bit about you.

2. Complete the online assessment (Wiley Edge will send you a link by email).

3. Complete the interviews with their friendly talent team over phone and video.

4. Lastly, you’ll interview with one or more of Wiley Edge’s clients.

So you don’t miss out on your dream job, Wiley Edge encourages you to be open to relocating.

Wiley Edge take great pride in celebrating the diversity of each and every individual who contributes to making Wiley Edge the company it is today and will be in the future. Valuing diversity both within Wiley Edge and with partner companies, and proud to provide an environment where all colleagues can flourish. That means promoting a strong culture of equality but, most importantly, inclusion. Wiley Edge never want people to change – only add to the amazing mix of people that work for Wiley Edge.

Wiley Edge is committed to fair, transparent pay, and strives to provide competitive compensation in addition to a comprehensive benefits package.  The base pay rate for this position is $48,000- $63,000 USD. 

This pay rate represents Wiley Edge’s good faith and reasonable estimate of the base pay for this role at the time of posting and based on the locations listed in the job advertisement. It is anticipated that qualified candidates selected for a placement will receive this pay rate as a starting salary once onsite with the Wiley Edge client, however, the ultimate salary offered for this role may be higher or lower and will be set based on a variety of non-discriminatory factors, including but not limited to, geographic location, skills, and competencies.

The stated salary and benefits package will be received once the training in the Wiley Edge Academy has been successfully completed and the candidate starts on-site with the Wiley Edge client. Trainees are paid a stipend of $625 USD for a full week of training in the Academy; training durations vary depending on training pathways and will be disclosed during the recruitment process.

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