Software Engineer

Job LocationUK
Job TagBack-End Developer


This role exists to create quality, scalable digital solutions for Gymshark and its customers, with a focus on backend and infrastructure development.


  • Working collaboratively with Engineering colleagues and Leads to meet sprint goals, and ensure sprints are successful
  • Collaborating with product owners to ensure that expectations are managed, delivering as required within the specified timelines
  • Collaborating with peers and other teams as necessary to understand and work towards outcomes
  • Assisting POs/BAs in refining stories to ensure that they meet the team’s Definition of Ready
  • Presenting on the work delivered within an iteration to key stakeholders, clearly demoing the business value in language that non-technical stakeholders can understand
  • Inputting to the continuous improvement of the team (including quality, process, teamwork, but not limited to these things) through retrospectives and other appropriate channels


  • Hands-on delivery of Software solutions according to the sprint backlog
  • Implementing solutions that deliver genuine value to their users
  • Performing a suitable degree of testing against a given solution before delivery
  • Supporting the QA team members in their creation and performance of robust test plans

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