Software Engineer

PlanIT Group
Job LocationUS
Job TagUS Full-Time Jobs


Location: Positions in Fort Worth, TX and Littleton, CO

The ideal candidate will have expertise in Managing large sets of data within persistent database/s and a broad range of software technical skills. They will be part of a multi-discipline Agile scrum team, providing technical guidance and doing software/database development in a Dev*Ops environment to build the modernized CRT tool in a Java-based microservices architecture with web-based interfaces for complex application execution and data analysis. Our frequent interactions with our F-35 customers provide us with ongoing feedback from subject matter experts and end users.

  • Plans, conducts, and coordinates software development activities.
  • Designs, develops, documents, tests, and debugs software that contains logical and mathematical solutions to business/mission problems or questions in computer language for solutions by means of data processing equipment.
  • Applies the appropriate standards, processes, procedures, and tools throughout the development life cycle.
  • Applies knowledge of computer hardware and software, subject matter to be programmed in business/mission applications, information processing techniques used, and information gathered from system users to develop software.
  • Corrects program errors, prepares operating instructions, compiles documentation of program development, and analyzes system capabilities to resolve questions of program intent, output requirements, input data acquisition, programming techniques, and controls.
  • Ensures software standards are met.

Basic Qualifications :
• 5+ years experience in MS SQL Server
• 3+ years designing/maintaining persistent databases
• Experience with data modeling and database design
• Experience with database schema creation and management

Desired skills :
• Experience with F-35 Mission Data
• Experience working in a CI/CD database development environment
• Experience work with microservice or service oriented architecture software applications
• Experience with ensuring data integrity
• Experience with stored procedures
• Experience with refactoring/scripting data migrations
• Experience with data security
• Experience with database performance tuning
• Experience with database backup and recovery
• Experience with PostGres
• Experience with NoSQL databases

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