Student Engagement Specialist

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Job TagEarly Career


The Student Engagement Specialist (SES), is focused on preparing students for success in their respective programs, by utilizing prescribed resources available throughout the pre-start process.  The SES works with enrolled students prior to class starting who have been identified as at-risk students.  Success is measured by student start rates, which result in greater revenue retention as the start rates improve over time.  The SES reports directly to the Manager of Student Engagement Specialists and collaborates with local and regional counterparts, including Student Success Managers, and members of the Field Operations Team.


  • Student Retention
    1. Works with a population of pre-start students who are identified as higher risk students based on a number of at-risk factors.  
    2. Consistently engages students with available resources throughout the pre-start process.  
    3. Provides one on one coaching sessions in preparation for prescribed resources, such as weekly tutoring, computer literacy, motivation, study skills, and/or financial literacy. 
    4. Works collaboratively with the Workshop Leader and Pre-start tutoring team to ensure the prescribed resources provided to our students are effective in delivery and content.
    5. Directly contributes to driving revenue and student retention with respect to start rate and drop rate management.
  • Student Outcomes
    1. Adept in coaching and mentoring students, in preparation for the launch of their programs. 
    2. Identifying risks to student retention and subsequently implementing mitigation plans to promote students’ success in the program
    3. Maintaining accountability for student outcomes, including student engagement and organic start as deemed appropriate by the organization.


  • Bachelor’s degree or 1-3 years directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified
  • Previous experience in Higher Education industry strongly preferred
  • Prior coaching or advising background strongly preferred
  • Ability to work with a diverse team in a fast-paced environment
  • Demonstrated experience in achieving defined results, and exceeding goals and objectives
  • Excellent relationship management skills
  • Strong attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, and excellent follow through
  • Ability to think critically and identify potential issues before they arise
  • Excellent interpersonal and oral and written communication skills required
  • Demonstrated ability to receive direct and constructive feedback, and respond with an attitude of a lifelong learner, always looking to exceed expectations and growth

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