OneTen’s mission is to hire, promote and advance one million Black individuals who do not have a four-year degree into family-sustaining careers over the next ten years. Taking a skills-first approach, focusing on competencies, in an aim to close the opportunity gap and ignite potential for generations to come.

OneTen brings together employers, education and training programs, and community organizations to create accessible pathways to family-sustaining careers for Black talent and support their ongoing advancement.

Family-sustaining jobs meet four standards:

Pay family-sustaining wages. This varies based on the cost of living in each city, but generally means the compensation covers the basic needs for a family. Calculate the family-sustaining wage in your area with the MIT Living Wage calculator.

Accessible. These jobs do not require a four-year college degree for a candidate to perform successfully. An estimated 4 million jobs today can be recredentialed to remove the requirement for a college degree.

Opportunities for advancement. These jobs are eligible for promotion, parallel education and have a pathway to more senior positions within the company.

Attractive. These jobs have a relatively low risk of being automated, informed by an Oxford study and Burning Glass, allowing a longer-term career to develop.

Skills-first hiring and promotion emphasizes the specific competencies a candidate needs to be successful in the role.

It’s 5x more predictive of a person’s future performance than their education, and 2.5x better than their experience. It also diversifies talent pools, accelerates the hiring process and increases the likelihood of retention.

An estimated 4 million jobs today can be recredentialed to remove the requirement for a college degree.

OneTen connects Black talent to well-paying job opportunities through the Career Marketplace – no four-year degree required. Find your future career. Now

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