Location: United Kingdom


We are seeking a talented and detail-oriented Proactive Support Analyst to join our team. The Proactive Support Analyst plays a crucial role in our analytics process by analysing endpoint data to identify and address issues proactively. Using monitoring tools and ad-hoc investigation methods, you will be responsible for supporting our clients and ensuring a high-quality user experience.


  • Act as a subject matter expert (SME) on proactive support, utiliszing monitoring tools to detect potential issues on endpoint devices.
  • Analyse data to detect possible root causes of proactive incidents and suggest corrective actions to mitigate or resolve them.
  • Provide support teams with lists of users requiring additional troubleshooting to prevent or address incidents.
  • Prepare reports with proposed actions for class issues affecting more than [10] users and raise them as Problem or Change records with the Problem Management team.
  • Build data analysis queries for specific investigations and provide consultancy to clients as needed.
  • Standardise, automate, and create dashboard representations of recurring investigations to streamline processes and improve efficiency.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure proper handling of discovered issues and their resolution.


  • Experience in endpoint reactive support, data analysis, reporting, and proactive support.
  • Strong understanding of user experience (UX) and its impact on customer requirements.
  • Proficiency in analysing proactive tooling data and conducting deep dives into root cause analysis, toolset training will be provided.
  • Familiarity with endpoint support analytics, including networking, security, hardware, and software-related issues.
  • Expertise in endpoint issues and problem analysis.
  • Ability to create a coherent narrative on performance indicators and trends.
  • Understanding of networking, security, hardware, software, APIs, and SQL.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
  • Strong MS Excel skills
  • Understanding of PowerShell scripting an advantage
  • Understanding of Power BI / Elastic would be an advantage

Employer Insights:

  • Emphasize your analytical thinking and passion for proactively identifying and solving endpoint issues in your application

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