Veteran & Military Spouse Apprenticeship

Job LocationUS
Job TagApprenticeship

*Must be a veteran or military spouse

*High School Diploma only – NO 4 year degrees


Berwyn & Hersey, PA

Boston, MA

Harford, CT

Pittsburgh, PA

Sacramento, CA

Miami, FL

In order to begin the interview process, you must provide a local address to one of the listed locations.


Kickstart your career by joining Accenture’s Apprenticeship Program! This is a full-time, year-long salaried position providing a structured, “earn and learn” experience.  

If you are looking for on-the-job training, enjoy learning new things and are excited about a hands-on experience in an innovative workplace this is an opportunity for you.  There are apprentice positions across our business groups including Technology, Strategy & Consulting, Song and Industry X.  

What is the Accenture Apprenticeship Program? 

The program provides mentorship, formal learning, on-the-job training, and on-going coaching to help build skills with the opportunity to advance into a career with Accenture. 

Accenture is seeking candidates without a 4-year college degree who are curious, creative, detail oriented and collaborative. This program requires you to be in person at your local office. 

What type of work might be in a typical day? 

  • Closely analyze and test new components or enhancements to existing IT modules. 
  • Assist in the analysis of an organization and the design of its process and systems, assessing the business model and its integration with technology. 
  • Learn programing skills, modern frameworks, and design thinking to build portions of applications that solve our client’s business and IT challenges. 
  • Support the design of communication experiences to reach targeted audiences and marketing across multiple platforms. 
  • Monitor account activities to ensure client data protection and information security standards are maintained. 
  • Serve account teams and business groups through proactive monitoring, managing, and reporting on execution of deliverables. 
  • Work with project team members to help clients understand the performance of their business, promote data-driven decisions and design solutions to meet their business needs.  

What will you bring to the role?  

  • Leverage your quest for knowledge to learn about every stage of the Service Delivery Lifecycle – from new system rollouts, to enhancements, to ongoing maintenance of applications. 
  • Use your creativity to design and build dashboards, reports, and visual products while developing your ability to analyze data. 
  • Engage your curiosityto change the way people experience interactions with technology, each other and with companies. 
  • Display your collaborative spiritwhile connecting with team members to help solve complex business needs.
  • Rely on your attention to detail while acting as a detective, looking closely at software to make sure everything’s working to specification while helping ensure data quality. 

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