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Vouch4Vets is becoming the world’s most important social change agent, focused on helping returning military Veterans and their dependents get jobs, with members around the globe. We achieve this, primarily, via an Advocate Referral Platform.

We believe there is ample room on your resume, to add a clickable icon which forwards the hiring manager or recruiter to a set of your Advocates on recorded video, answering questions to help you get interviews. When viewed, the hiring manager or recruiter have a new, compelling reason to advance your resume; you have something others don’t – video referrals.

Our Mission is to help military Veterans and their Spouses find jobs they really want.

Our Vision is for our platform to be as essential to a Veteran’s resume as their name and address. This will happen if their Advocates want to help in a new, creative and convenient way.

The Vouch4Vets team is a collection of military Veterans, technologists, futurists and Human Resource experts, striving to make the connections between talented military Vets and opportunity stronger and better.

Career Navigation: Trends on the Horizon for 2023

To welcome the new year, we held conversations with a few of our coaches to discuss what 2023 might have in store for your career and steps you can take to be competitive in the market – regardless of your field.

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