Healthcare Brand Statement Samples

Your brand statement expresses your professional value in a clear and concise introduction for employers. Think of it as a tool for you to tell the healthcare industry your story, including your education, accomplishments, and skills. You can get more detailed advice in our Brand Statement Guide.

Career Starter

Occupational therapist with strong outreach and communication skills refined during two years  working at a nonprofit. Earned a degree in occupational therapy from the [school name] to develop therapeutic and relationship-building skills. Passionate about working with children with disabilities in school settings to help them perform everyday tasks successfully. Dedicated to improving social and academic outcomes for children with disabilities through evidence-based interventions.  

Career Switcher

Speech language pathologist (SLP) leveraging extensive experience in background investigations, transitioning to helping elementary-aged children with speech difficulties. Earned MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the [school name] to develop a deep understanding of disordered speech, language, hearing, and swallowing processes. Collaborated with elementary school staff during field practicum at a Title I elementary school to provide low-income children with strategies and therapies to minimize the impact of disordered speech. Excited to blend background in research and analysis with evidence-based SLP techniques to help children improve their speech patterns.

Career Advancer

Certified nurse practitioner bringing seven years of experience as a registered nurse (RN) to the next level by earning a DNP specializing in Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner from the [school name]. Extensive background monitoring and providing acute care to patients in ICU. Completed clinical practicum at women’s health clinic working with women of all backgrounds seeking reproductive healthcare. Well versed in performing gynecological exams, diagnosing acute and chronic illnesses, and developing treatment plans to promote health in women of all ages and backgrounds. 

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