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Specializations include accounting, project management, finance, marketing, management, business development, and information technology just to name a few.


The way we communicate constantly evolves. Tomorrow’s creative leaders will need knowledge and expertise across multiple fields. Learn to think critically while identifying and analyzing opportunities.

Computer Science

Computer science is a continually evolving field and professionals are in demand with the increased usage of mobile devices and apps.


The demand is high in this fast-paced and growing field with the increase in data incidents. There are many entry-level positions with further opportunities and a lot of crossover in cybersecurity positions.

Data Analytics

Industries and companies of all sizes need employees who can turn data into significance and action. If you like to collect, clean, visualize, analyze, or problem solve data, this is for you!

Data Science

Data science is an exploding field that uses technology and mathematics to extract meaningful knowledge and insights from big data. If you like to collect, clean, visualize, analyze, or problem-solve with data, then data science is the field for you!

Digital Marketing

The field of Digital Marketing is always changing, therefore digital marketers are always learning, which provides a challenging, creative, and rewarding career path.


FinTech refers to the aspects of the financial services industry that have been disrupted by technological innovation. Starting or advancing in a career in FinTech requires technical skill, as well as the ability to think analytically, critically, and creatively.


Public administrators hold a wide variety of job titles across a number of different sectors and industries. Their expertise ranges from general government services to high-level public administration. If you enjoy addressing social issues and want to have an impact on the lives of others, then a public sector career is for you.


The field of legal studies is ideal for professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding of the law within their field of interest.

Library and Information Sciences

Students interested in a library science career will be able to leverage their information technology skills in academic, community, and law libraries.

Product Management

Product managers wear many hats and work closely with marketing, sales, customer support, design, and engineering teams.

Social Work

Social work is a growing field and has the ability to draw a large number of prospective job seekers since the field touches many other industries.

Technology Project Management

Technology project management roles are the mortar to the bricks in the business world when it comes to scaling. Each day is different for these non-glory seekers; they allow their coworkers to better focus on their core work.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI combines design, human psychology, problem-solving, and business all in one. UX designers use research to create personalization along with user feedback. UI designers focus on how a product functions and feels.

Web Development

Web development is constantly in-demand. In web development, specializations such as in certain computer languages may interest you as well.