Career Engagement Network FAQ

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Help connecting with your career team.

The Career Engagement Network is your personal career support assistance program.

On the website you will find the following: 

  • The Events page: Lists various events focussed on career exploration, development, and advancement that are led by professional career advisors and industry professionals for you to use for advice in growing your future career.
  • The Job Board: Where you can access a growing list of career and job opportunities posted by partnered employers in your industry. (Only available to current students and alumni.)
  • Guides & Templates: Access to resume and CV templates, interview preparation toolkits, and more. These are all to help you prepare for whatever next steps you wish to take in your career.

The Career Engagement Network is continually being updated with new content and opportunities to ensure that the resources available to you are relevant to your career goals and the support you can best take advantage of.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at

We are dedicated not only to supporting you through your educational experience, but also to helping you take the next step on your future career journey.

Many recent graduates can find the world beyond education to be an intimidating space, with very few clues as to the best way to look and apply for their dream careers.

The Career Engagement Network offers a curated job board, live and recorded events, as well as guidance throughout the application process to ensure that you get into contact with the right employers in an industry that appeals to you and that your applications are set up for success.

Many degree and boot camp programs include access to career coaching sessions. To connect with a Career Coach, navigate to the career services tab in your course learning portal to learn more. You will receive an email with next step instructions.

Many degree and boot camp programs include career material reviews by our Career Advisors, who are professional subject matter experts and resume writers. Career materials may include your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

You can submit your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile for review by the career team via the career services tab of your course learning portal.

If you are interested in receiving curated career advice, we recommend signing up for Your Career Network, a monthly newsletter featuring insights from our network of industry and career experts.

To opt in, visit the Career Engagement Network homepage to find the sign-up form. Enter and submit your information and you will receive a welcome email from Your Career Network soon after.

Help finding resources.

There are a few options available to you for resume and CV advice:

  • For resume and CV guides and templates, check out the Guides & Templates page.
  • For resume workshops, you can find and join a live workshop posted on the events page or watch a recording of a past workshop here.

There are a few options available to you for cover letter advice:

  • For cover letter guides and templates, check out the Guides & Templates page.
  • For cover letter workshops, you can find and join a live workshop posted on the events page or watch a recording of a past workshop here.

You can look for career information for specific industries associated with some of our most popular programs through the Browse by Industry page on the Career Engagement Network.

The Browse by Industry page only includes career information for specific industries associated with our most popular programs. If your industry is not included in this list, there are still numerous excellent general career advice resources available to you here on the Career Engagement Network that applies to almost every industry.

Help registering for and attending events.

All students with access to the Career Engagement Network can take advantage of our workshops and industry events posted on the events page.

To register for an event, click on the event you would like to attend, and select “Register Now.” This will bring you to the event registration page where you can finish signing up.

After registering, you will receive an email with your event access link. If you cannot find this email in your inbox, try checking your spam or promotions folders.

Demo Days are interactive networking experiences that connect industry professionals and program alumni with students. Students will present their class projects and receive high-level feedback and career insights from industry professionals. 

Note:  Demo Days are only offered for specific programs, and are planned for your specific cohort. If your program offers a Demo Day, you will receive an email inviting you to register one month prior to the event.

Career edXpo is an interactive event that includes guest speakers, networking, career workshops, recruiting webinars, resource booths, and more! This event provides learners with an opportunity to engage with industry professionals and the career team to learn how pursue their career goals.

You can find the next scheduled Career Connection event on the events page.

There are many reasons why you may be unable to attend an event that you are interested in. Luckily, you can access many of our workshops and industry events that are recorded here.

You can also access the Past Events Playlist, which lists event recording according to particular topics.

Help with the Job Board.

Each application made through the Job Board goes through a validation process. Once we have verified that your application meets the relevant employer’s requirements, it will be referred to their hiring department. 

You will be notified of your referral at this point and any further steps in the hiring process from here on are handled by the employer in question.

Employers will state in their job posting whether or not they are accepting applicants from outside their registered country.

For non-US jobs, it is best to verify whether they are accepting US applicants before sending through an application that may be rejected.

Indeed there are. If you wish to apply specifically for an internship, you can use the “All Jobs Tag” pull-down menu on the Job Board, scroll down, and select “Internships” to filter your search.

This same method can also be used for any other specifics you desire from your search.