Keys to Success in Data Science with a Non-Traditional Path


Data science is a relatively new field that is in high demand across many industries. Data scientists come from a variety of academic backgrounds and work experiences. One does not necessarily have to have an advanced education degree in computer science or mathematics to become a data scientist.

Our speaker Sarmila Basu Ph.D, is a passionate leader with over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in Telecom, Financial Services and IT. She is currently in charge of the Worldwide Data Science Team within Microsoft’s Industry Solutions organization. Over the last 25 years of her career, Sarmila has hired more than 300 people as data scientists, BI analysts, etc. In addition, she serves as a mentor and coach to aspiring professionals in the field of Data Science and promotes STEM initiatives. In this talk, she will provide a glimpse of what it takes to be successful as a data scientist and what traits employers look for in candidates.

Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the various pathways available to pursue a career in data science and the skills and qualities that contribute to success in this rapidly evolving field.


Dorenda Johnson [Moderator]

Sr. Community Engagement Manager at 2U

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Sarmila Basu Ph.D

GM, Worlwide Data Science. Microsoft Industry Solutions – Microsoft

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