Professional Development Series: Fighting New Job Jitters with Confidence and Resilience


Landing a job after boot camp often seems like the finish line — but what happens when you first start your new role? Many people struggle with feeling overwhelmed and anxious at a new job as they grapple with impostor syndrome, work through a steep learning curve, and interact with new managers and colleagues.

Watch this session for a candid discussion about how to overcome new job jitters and deal with on-the-job challenges by boosting self-confidence, identifying support, and building resilience. Our speaker, Esterling Accime, is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Signos. Esterling graduated from the Georgia Tech Coding Boot Camp, where he subsequently worked as a tutor, teaching assistant, and instructor. He has mentored countless boot camp students and alumni as they enter the tech industry, just as he himself did five years ago.

This event is part of our Professional Development Series — events meant to help your professional growth no matter where you are in your career, with industry speakers from a variety of backgrounds.