Interview with a Tech Recruiter: Setting Yourself Up for Success in the Job Search


Perhaps you’ve seen news about a potential recession in 2023, or your LinkedIn feed has been peppered with contacts that have been laid off from big tech companies. While embarking on a job search is always a bit intimidating, it can be especially hard to stay positive when you are surrounded by negative news about the current tech landscape.

However, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can employ to stand out in a competitive job market and stack the odds of landing your dream job in your favor. Join us for this insightful and practical interview with Brent Hamilton, Lead IT Recruiter and Senior Resource Manager at Signature Consultants. Brent has three decades of experience in tech recruiting and a wealth of knowledge about how you can best approach your job search as an upcoming or recent boot camp graduate with coding skills.

We’ll save plenty of time for audience Q&A!