Getting Hired in an Unfair World with Developer Advocate Valarie Regas


Are you looking to learn more about breaking barriers and landing your next opportunity?

This event features speaker Valarie Regas, seasoned professional and Developer, as they break down the steps each person can take to get closer to their dream role. At a high level, these steps involve:

– Identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, as seen through the eyes of a potential employer
– Turning a long-term dream into an actual plan, with actionable steps
– Ways to get out from behind a computer, and get in front of those you want to hire you
– Ways to take chances, be seen, and stand out from your peers

Valarie has helped a lot of people and now wants to help you! Join us as Valarie shares some concrete ideas and techniques to assist you in moving onward and upward in your career!


Ciera Blanks [Moderator]

Career Engagement Manager at 2U

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Valarie Regas

Developer Advocate

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