Information Technology Instructor

Digital NEST
Job LocationUS
Job TagFull Time

Location: Gilroy, CA (onsite)


The IT Instructor position is dedicated to supporting the growth of the Web & Information Technology (WIT) pathway. This role entails developing, implementing, and instructing young individuals aged 17 to 24 in Information Technology concentration. The primary objective of this concentration is to prepare these youth to embark on careers as IT Support Specialist, Computer Technicians, and obtain industry recognized certifications. The IT Instructor position is multifaceted and includes responsibilities such as recruiting, instructing, advising, mentoring, and coaching members. These activities are aimed at fostering technical and professional skills development within the WIT concentrations, achieved through a diverse array of projects in collaboration with WIT partners and member projects.


  • Program Development and Delivery
  • Member Engagement and Recruitment
  • Key Member of the Digital NEST Program Team


  • The cumulative equivalent of at least 1 year of full-time experience doing IT in a professional or educational setting; alternately a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent industry certifications in IT, CIS or Computer Science. 
  • Working knowledge of operating systems, hardware, troubleshooting, networking or any other IT related experience. 
  • The cumulative equivalent of at least 1-2 years of full-time experience teaching youth using experiential learning pedagogies and instructional methods. Ideally, this experience would have been in an organization or program similar to Digital NEST in terms of the kinds of programs offered and the kinds of youth served.
  • Excellent classroom management skills, preferably learned or previously applied in an out-of-school program setting.
  • Basic knowledge of instructional design, including course planning, lesson planning, learning goal and objective writing, and use of learning scaffolds such as visual aids, graphic organizers, assignment and project write-ups, etc.  

Employer Insights

  • Non-profit company willing to make exceptions on experience needed – clarify willingness to learn and why you are drawn to the role
  • Youth classes offered in Front End Web Development, IT, Web Design and Video Production