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Work Simplr’s mission is to provide access to paid work opportunities to all students, and graduates, while helping employers complete their work stress-free.

They build the talent pipeline of the future by giving every applicant the paid work opportunities to build confidence and skills, while transforming how on-demand work is articulated and outsourced by businesses.

By submitting their general inquiry form, you will be matched with one of their employers to gauge your skill set and the type of work you are seeking. From there, you will be sent open projects looking to be filled from various employers.

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The humanity paradox: Thriving in the age of automation

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and hiring automation, it’s easy to feel lost in a digital crowd. It’s easy to feel overshadowed by algorithms and data-driven decision-making. However, there’s a compelling paradox at play here: In a world increasingly dominated by technology, your greatest asset may very well be your humanity.

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Career Navigation: A Closer Look at the Applicant Tracking System

Now an integral part of hiring, the ATS — or Applicant Tracking System — creates an added layer of complexity when it comes to getting (and keeping) a recruiter’s attention. We’re here to pull the curtain back on this elusive part of your job search.

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