Security Analyst

Job LocationUK


We are looking for a Cyber Security Engineer who is well-versed in Linux, and has strong security skills. We use CentOS specifically but experience in any Linux flavor is welcome.

In a nutshell, the successful candidate will be helping us maintain customer installations of our product, while using our product to perform threat hunting and security incident alerting on our customers’ infrastructure. Our product is based on a highly customized ELK stack.

The successful candidate will also be given the opportunity to participate in – and eventually lead – penetration tests when our customers require them.

The position is Malta-based, however, you will be working remotely. So, we have flexible hours and don’t expect a 9-5 mentality. Just hit your targets and you’ll fit right in!


  • Monitoring customer’s setup and troubleshooting problems
  • Threat hunting and writing security reports on their results
  • Maintaining and improving install scripts
  • Helping to improve the product via suggestions, scripting to automate everything, containerising applications, etc.


  • Good Linux administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience in ELK
  • A keen interest in security since this will make up a significant part of your job
  • Experience in Python and Bash is very beneficial

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