Learners Workshops

What are the newest trends in your industry? Our learning series covers hot topics across industries to support your continuous learning.

Tech Talk: Project Management and Agile Environments

View this webinar to learn about project management fundamentals, such as predictive, agile, and hybrid methodologies. Industry guests discuss emerging trends and adaptations in agile environments and how teams collaborate using scrum, kanban, and other common frameworks.

How to Use and Contribute to Open Source

Curious about how to use and contribute to open-source software? Industry guests from Yahoo/Verizon Media discuss the projects that they work on in an open source program office.

Understanding Bitcoin & Machine Learning

FinTech Boot Camp alum, Grant DePalma, demonstrates a Bitcoin machine learning research pipeline with a Trading Bot. Grant discusses topics, such as Blockchain, machine learning related to finance, and how these skills are used in the field of FinTech.

Launching Your Design Career

This webinar will provide tips on how to launch a career in user experience design, product design, and interaction design. Guests panelists share advice on how to build a strong portfolio, finding your niche in the wide world of design, what hiring managers look for in the interview process, and trending topics.

Path Forward: Product Managers in Technical vs. Business Environments

View this webinar to learn the similarities and differences in working in a technical product role vs. a business product role. You will also be able to evaluate a company’s practice in product management before and during the interview stage and leverage your past experience to impress potential employers.

Path Forward: Careers in Marketing Interview with IBM

This discussion is designed to help you explore the different career paths in consumer marketing. Hear how industry professionals from IBM paved their way to the role they have today and explore how you can put your new skills into action.

Hack Your Resume/CV

View this career workshop designed to help you create and modify your resume/CV. This workshop will walk you through the important elements of an employer-competitive resume/CV.