Learners Workshops

What are the newest trends in your industry? Our learning series covers hot topics across industries to support your continuous learning.

Hack Your Resume/CV

View this career workshop designed to help you create and modify your resume/CV. This workshop will walk you through the important elements of an employer-competitive resume/CV.

What Is Data Journalism?

View this webinar with industry experts to hear about a day in the life of a data journalist, understand the skills needed in this career field, and learn why media outlets are hiring programmers and analysts to drive 21st-century storytelling and reporting.

Knowing Yourself: Authentic Leadership

This session will help you understand how to identify your strengths and leverage them in your career. Explore the importance of understanding your strengths and how to leverage them in your life purpose to achieve authentic leadership.

Real Talk: Addressing Employment Gaps in Your Experience

View our career workshop designed to support you with the tools to address gaps in experience on your career materials. Come prepared to identify the value and skills you bring and plug those into your job search materials. You will also build a plan to approach a gap in experience and identify organizations/companies that are […]

Beating the Imposter Syndrome: Conquer Your Search with Confidence

Approximately 70% of people have experienced imposter syndrome at some point in their lives. View this workshop to learn how imposter syndrome affects your career search, as well as strategies to overcome it. Get equipped to conquer your search with confidence!

Big O Notation & Algorithm Efficiency

Big O Notation interviews cover algorithms, strings, and ensuring you have optimized your code. View this session to learn how to define these terms, how they are used in interviewing, and practice techniques for interviewing.

Real Talk: Overcoming Age Bias in Your Job Search

In this workshop, we’ll discuss one area of concern – age bias. There are many factors that could be working against you based on your age: too much or too little experience, your school graduation year, and outdated experience/practices/information. View this session to learn best practices for creating age neutral materials so you can overcome […]

From FinTech Boot Camp to the Metaverse

Trying to discuss the Metaverse today, define it, and agree on what it encompasses is very similar to the attempts to describe the Internet in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Listen to FinTech boot camp alum Kally Bonner’s fireside chat as she shares her career journey and experience that led to her role at Meta, conducting qualitative […]