Networkers Workshops

Looking to build your network? Our networking series offers opportunities to engage with experts and/or peers in your industry.

Speaker Series: A Fulfilling Career in Healthcare

View this session to hear from several registered nurses who discovered their passion for healthcare, explored different paths, and ultimately accepted the calling. This session is designed for healthcare students, but all students are welcome to attend.

Speaker Series with Software Engineers from Apple and LOB

Join us for an engaging conversation with software engineers as we dive into some of the hottest topics for coding. Bring your questions as we discuss why Python and JavaScript will remain in demand and how cloud development supports business needs.

Performance, Image, & Exposure: Networking for Career Advancers

  View our career workshop designed to help you successfully articulate your skills and understand how performance, image, and exposure can enhance your career. This interactive workshop will strengthen your networking skills so you can build meaningful connections within your current company.

Healthcare: Landing the Job During A Pandemic

View this session to hear from Andree Mulia, Senior Talent Advisor, as she discusses how to land a job during a pandemic. Andree has 17+ years of experience recruiting and identifying talent. She shares insight on the pediatric hospital setting and how they continue to thrive in such a tough time. Hint: the answer lies […]

One Epic Networking Prep Session

View our career workshop for a chance to build your network, review networking best practices, and discover the hidden job market. This workshop will strengthen your networking skills so you can build meaningful connections in the industry.

Enterprise UX Design with The Home Depot

Take a deep dive into User Experience Careers with the experts from the Home Depot. View this session to learn how to create user experiences for shoppers on e-commerce sites and employees who use systems to help them get their work done.

1..2..3..Minute Elevator Pitch

View this session to hear about the 3 steps of fashioning your 3-minute elevator pitch to use at career fairs, networking events, or waiting in line for your coffee.