Career Exploration: Salary Negotiation with Industry Professionals

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Establishing and maintaining one’s worth as a professional is not an easy task – especially when it comes to compensation. From directors to interns, and everything in between, many members of today’s workforce have very little insight into salary expectations for their respective positions.

In fact, a working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that “third-party aggregators of salary information, such as Glassdoor, PayScale, and Comparably play an important role for job seekers and employees.” The studies also show that this third-party research tends to happen in lieu of employees gathering salary information from their coworkers.

Regardless of where you retrieve salary data and information, what remains most important – aside from accuracy – is that you do, in fact, learn what your work is worth.

In addition to what we already know about gender inequality and pay, there are a wide array of other factors that influence your salary. These can include your region, tenure, industry, and, perhaps most important, your confidence.

Below, we have gathered tips and advice from our network of trusted industry professionals to inspire your next negotiation. After all, there is no better time to stand up for your worth than the present. 

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Advice from Industry Professionals

Leadership: Industry Professional Shares Tips and Tidbits

A strong advocate for gender equality in the tech industry, Kanksha Masrani co-leads the Women in STEM Recruiting Team at Procter & Gamble. She says that strong leadership is dependent on three things: your principles, leading yourself first, and asking for what you need.

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