Brand Statement Samples

SAMPLE 1 – Entry Level 

Product specialist leveraging a background in customer service to deliver client satisfaction through leadership and technical know-how. Often tagged by management to train new employees and lead initiatives to drive sales and customer satisfaction. Earned a certificate in [Program] from the [School Name] to hone skills in Agile frameworks as well as product management lifecycles, among others. Collaborated on projects with one being to overcome obstacles and deliver development work to a client. Enjoys cross-functional group efforts to meet goals and over-deliver on client expectations. 

SAMPLE 2 – Mid Level 

Project manager with leadership experience and technical know-how. Previous experience includes project planner for the cruise line, Carnival, where I oversaw the execution of nightly shows and managed a team of fifty-three staff members. Additionally, I completed the [Program] at the [School Name], where I developed knowledge and experience in Scrum and Agile frameworks as well as Software and Project Management lifecycles, among others. Planned, launched, and successfully executed a series of televised shows, aired by Carnival, and have led teams in previous roles of varying size to meet company goals. Excited to combine technical training and management experience to continue leading teams to success. 

SAMPLE 3 – Senior Level 

Digital marketing manager with 6+ years of experience. Strong leadership acumen with proven skills in cross-functional collaboration to achieve goals in both start-up and corporate environments. Enthusiastic team lead with a passion for marketing, mentorship, and project management. Earned a [Certificate/Degree] [Program] from [School Name] where I developed expertise in Google Analytics, SEO, CRM platforms, and digital strategy. Planned and orchestrated the social media strategy for a local client, resulting in a 25% increase in website traffic. Excited to bring a solid foundation in designing and delivering targeted campaigns across email, web, and social channels.

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