IT Specialist (Network)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Job LocationUS
Job TagFull Time

Location: Winchester, VA


The primary responsibility of this position is to serve as a technical lead to assist in a wide range of information technology projects and provide policy guidance and direction pertaining to the implementation, execution, and maintenance, and evaluation of IT systems.

Ideal candidates will have extensive experience with the lifecycle maintenance process of IT hardware and the refurbishment of network infrastructure components. Experience in a warehouse setting is desired.


  • This position is in the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s, IT Disaster Operations Division, Disaster Response Branch, Logistics and Integration Section. The team’s mission is to extend critical voice, data, and video capabilities into temporary field offices. Typical assignments include:
  • Analyzing customer requirements and acting as a liaison with leadership to present and exchange data, discuss technical issues, and recommend solutions.
  • Interpreting FEMA’s policies related to the disaster response mission and the FEMA’s network/satellite communications.
  • Analyzing equipment and software reliability and utilization reports to identify and correct deficiencies.
  • Leading the establishment of computer and telecommunications performance levels.
  • Deploying to permanent and semi-permanent facilities for the purpose of establishing the network connectivity, both voice and data, to support disaster survivors as well as available to provide 24×7 incident support for after-hours issues once they have resumed in a steady state operations.


  • To qualify for this position at the IC-12 level (starting salary $94,199.00), you must possess one full year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the IC-11 level in the Federal government, which has equipped you with the skills needed to successfully perform the duties of the position. Experience may be obtained in the Federal or Private Sector and must demonstrate all of the following: 
  • Performing independent and collaborative assignments related to the lifecycle maintenance process and replacement procedures of IT hardware;
  • Liaising with organizational leadership to present and exchange data, discuss technical issues, and recommend solutions;
  • Leading a wide range of IT projects pertaining to the implementation, execution, maintenance, and evaluation of IT systems;
  • Refurbishing and installing IT equipment in various environments.
  • Please read the following important information to ensure we have everything we need to consider your application:
  • Do not copy and paste the duties, specialized experience, or occupational assessment questionnaire from this announcement into your resume as that will not be considered a demonstration of your qualifications for this position.
  • Please limit your resume to five pages.  If more than five pages are submitted, only the first five pages will be reviewed to determine your eligibility and qualifications. 
  • Your resume serves as the basis for experience related qualification determinations, and you must highlight your most relevant and significant work experience and education (if applicable), as it relates to this job opportunity. Please use your own words, be clear, and specific when describing your work history. We cannot make assumptions regarding your experience.