Master Planner

22nd Century Technologies Inc.
Job LocationDC Metro
Job TagUS Full-Time Jobs


22nd Century Technologies, Inc.(TSCTI) has a diverse portfolio of various Information Technology & General Staffing Services contracts with the United States Government and Private Sector Agencies.


  • Work with a multidisciplinary team to develop daily progress schedules for internal and external projects.
  • Perform construction site reviews to access progress for the overall project and provide briefings to executive management.
  • Manage inventory to maintain appropriate levels.
  • Ensure the necessary materials are available in the supply chain and that inventory is maintained at an acceptable level.
  • Develop and suggest strategies for inventory management.
  • Administer and coordinate real property leased and owned assets.
  • Support master plan development
  • Support the planning, engineering, and leasing of geographically dispersed facilities.
  • Develop, analyze, determine, and prepare necessary solutions to correct real property deficiencies.
  • Establish a vision and future direction for managing and acquiring real property efficiently.


  • Need Associate degree/Bachelor’s degree.
  • Working more than 5+ years of experience in Logistics/Inventory Control/ Warehouse Management Planning or Planner experience .
  • Must be US Citizen, and able to obtain clearance if required.

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