Senior Platform Engineer

Flash Parking
Job LocationUS Remote
Job TagComputer Science


Flash is looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to help deliver on our mission to free consumers from the hassles of everyday travel by making it faster and easier to get where you need to go, so they can focus on the destination.

Focusing on both frontend and backend systems, this role provides a variety of exciting challenges. Our team spends time working on our main website, React-based widget, and large integrations with our partners. You will spend your time working to create the best possible experience for our customers and our partners while at the same time helping us advance our codebase to the next level. We’re insanely customer focused and excited for you to join the team and help us lead the charge.


  • Strong Computer Science background, preferably with a degree 
  • Strong proficiency with React, webpack, and a package manager such as Yarn or Npm 
  • Experience with TypeScript Experience building out scalable APIs and services using Ruby on Rails or Go 
  • Experience with AWS services such as DynamoDB, SQS, S3, and EB
  •  Highly collaborative in the planning and grooming stages, our engineers help define the products that we build Shipping clean, testable code that any developer on any team could quickly get up to speed with Strong sense of ownership; proactively identify performance issues, squash bugs, upgrade dependencies, and keep our development process efficient 


  •  Attend the morning platform team stand with folks from product management, engineering, design, UX and QA 
  • Work with those same folks on product development  
  • Perform technical spiking for a future initiative  
  • Use Slack to collaborate with your teammates and other folks throughout the organization  
  • Perform a code review for a recently submitted pull request 
  • Ship code and celebrate

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