Outreach Samples

Use the following outreach samples to inspire your networking messages via email or LinkedIn. In addition, below are general tips and guidance for developing effective outreach messages.

If you have not updated your LinkedIn profile, use our LinkedIn Guide to update your LinkedIn profile before you begin outreach, or if you’d like an in-depth look into networking, review our Networking Guide.

Sample messages for virtual or in-person event follow-up

Sample 1:

Hi Collin,

It was good meeting you yesterday at the Hack-a-thon. I was so impressed with your coding experience, and I appreciate you sharing so much about your career journey. 

I will be graduating from the UC Berkeley coding boot camp next month. I’d love to connect with you and learn how you, too, were able to pivot from the restaurant industry into the tech space. Would a 15-minute Zoom call work for you next Tuesday at 12 PM EST? If not, let me know what time works best for you. 


Pro tip:
Be curious and genuine in your approach. You want to tailor your message specifically for the person you’re asking. Mention something you spoke about or something they said that resonated with you.

Sample 2:

Hi Sam, 

I was inspired by the story you shared at the Strata Data Conference in San Francisco. I connected with your perspective on ethics in the midst of AI taking over the tech space. 

I’m currently working to build a counter-AI strategy. I’d love to connect and share my latest project with you over coffee.

Does 4 PM PST next Thursday work for you?

Have a good one,

Sample for cold informational interview request

Sample 1:

Hi Jordan, 

I’m Connor, a marketing assistant in advertising. I noticed that we are both graduates of the Columbia Digital Marketing Boot Camp. 

I admire your career pathway and would love to hear how you successfully transitioned into marketing. I am working towards expanding my marketing portfolio. How were you able to maintain yours while working full-time? 

I’d like to grab a few minutes to chat. Would you be free next week? Maybe Tuesday around 2 PM MST? 


Expert advice

“It’s best to think of networking with someone like planting seeds in a garden. It takes intention and effort to plant the seed and then nurture it until it grows into what you have desired. Once you’re in discussion with someone, plan to reach out to them again and again. Increasing the time they are exposed to you makes it more likely you will be the name they think of when new opportunities arise.”

– Matthew R., career expert at edX

A headshot of Matthew R.

Sample 2:

Hi Anam,

I’m Jayden, and I noticed that we share a mutual connection with Mike Cooper. I thought I would introduce myself as I’m immersed in the UX/UI space. 

My background is in graphic design, and I hope to merge my interests with product design and sports. I’m intrigued by your pivot to the sports industry. 

I’d like to hear more about your transition. Would you be open to chatting next Monday at 10 AM EST? 


Pro tip:
Don’t be afraid of rejection or a lack of responses. The goal is to connect with someone who is genuinely interested in you too. It’s a two-way relationship.

General tips

  • Keep your outreach messages concise.
  • Research the person, company, and industry before reaching out. 
  • Make your message about them. What interests you most about them? This should be genuine. 
  • Be clear in your ask. Typically, 15-20 minutes is appropriate for an initial conversation. 
  • Specify whether you want an in-person or virtual meeting. It’s okay to leave the option open.

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