Career Navigation: Develop a Professional Network with the LAMP Method

Without an effective approach and active network, the job search can, at times, feel dismal. This is why we strongly encourage job seekers and career explorers to keep the right tools and resources handy. 

Along with the proactive approach, there are a few other job search strategies that will help you shine in your career quest. Enter: the LAMP method.

The current landscape for job seekers is heavily populated, with hundreds of applicants often competing for the same position. Through the implementation of LAMP, job seekers of all stages will be well on their way to career enlightenment. Some fundamental steps include: listing out potential employers, evaluating them based on wants and needs, surveying contacts for potential ins, and elevating networks through cold outreach tactics and informational interviews. 

Below, we will walk you through the steps of the LAMP method and prepare you to use it in your job search. To skip to the LAMP working template or learn more about how to use it, click here.

For more information on outreach visit this resource, and for more career-related content, visit the Career Engagement Network.

Looking to fill out a LAMP template of your own? Click here to go to the template and make a copy. Watch the video below for an in-depth tutorial on how to use this resource and execute the LAMP method now.

Outreach resource

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